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In Revolutionary Weight Loss, you'll learn a groundbreaking system that shows you how you can:


  • Uncover the real reasons you still struggle to lose weight
  • Stop wasting time and money on tactics that don't work for you
  • Start losing weight immediately
  • Boost your confidence and revitalize your health without deprivation
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“Anyone who’s ever wanted to take charge of their health with confidence, this book is for you. Kate teaches how to put your health in your own hands. If you want to be your best self, both physically and mentally, rather than going to many doctors who will only prescribe medication and put a bandaid on the problem – this book is for you. Kate teaches you how to find the root cause and solve the problem. A must read!” ~Sharon Priore, CMT
“I like this book very much! Here is a true professional talking and sharing her insights with an open heart. It is easy to resonate with everything she writes, and the suggestions are grounded and easy to follow. This book is a manifesto for hope, that we can improve our health, and that there are amazing coaches to help us along the way. Kate has proven again with this book, that she is exactly that, and I highly recommend not only the book, but to allow Kate to support you on your journey to better health as your personal coach. We all deserve that, especially in times of unexpected troubles, as we are currently in. A healthy body is the best insurance, care for yourself and get the book today!" ~Amazon shopper
“I really enjoyed how easy this book was to read, and didn't lose me in a lot of jargon. I appreciated Kate's thoroughness with addressing the issue of hormones and how they affect our health and weight loss. The real life examples of people struggling with the same issues that I struggle with, kept me interested in reading more and made me quickly realize some things I needed to work on with my own health. Thank you for writing a thorough, approachable book explaining many of the root causes of some of my challenges, and most importantly, ideas for things that I can do about it!" ~Diane Auten
“In this brilliant and easy-to-follow guide, Kate delivers a customized plan to lose extra weight for good and reclaim your overall health. In her cutting-edge approach, she merges the best of both holistic and scientific strategies to give you a well-rounded route to success. Her kind, wise and lighthearted/playful personality shines through and will help you feel like you have a friend and health coach walking you through your journey to greater joy and confidence. This book is a gem and is so needed in the world!” ~Alex Hadassah
"After searching for a more holistic but scientifically-based approach to my health issues, finding Kate's method to discover hidden deficiencies and imbalances is the piece I've been missing. Her book is a must-read for those who have been to multiple doctors and have exhausted countless options towards their health goals without answers. Thanks, Kate, for giving me the tools I need to address my health goals in a healthy, safe and non-medicated way." ~MK
“In these ever-changing times, it is more important than ever to have teachers/guides/coaches that are authentic, honest and informative. Two thirds of our nation is overweight and struggling with obesity, but it goes even deeper than that, they are struggling to find balance in their health. We are quick to find band aids but slow to find real solutions. Kate is everything we need in a coach for all the reasons above and the fact that her passion comes through in her research and years spent getting to the root cause and helping so many find better health, including me! This book of easy, practical advice is a must read!” ~Kathi S.
"Kate's love of learning and helping others come through in this fantastic guide to taking control of your health journey. The easy to follow, step by step blueprint to uncovering the root cause for weight gain and other health issues is the perfect format for anyone struggling to feel their best. Most programs focus on a one size fits all fix and rarely work over the long term. Kate's unique approach for digging into our complex and unique bodies will help the reader uncover one or many underlying causes for their issues and layout the best approach for addressing them - even the order in which to tackle each issue! I highly recommend this book for anyone still looking for answers. It provides a perspective and approach I have yet to see anywhere else." ~Victoria Liento


Kate Motz is a National Board-certified functional medicine coach and the founder of Integrative Wellness Advisors, where she has helped people get healthy and stay that way since 1995. 


After obtaining her MBA, Kate acquired her certification as an integrative nutrition and functional medicine coach. Her mission is to help individuals discover the root causes of health problems because she knows – and evidence shows – that the greatest health transformations are created and sustained when you address the root cause.


Raised as the daughter of a chiropractor, Kate has lived her entire life with beliefs that a holistic approach must be applied when addressing health issues and that chronic health problems can be fixed at any age.  Kate’s goal is to provide her clients with guidance as they create their ideal path to wellness, and to provide accountability to ensure they meet each of their health goals so they can stay healthy.


Get Your Free Copy of Revolutionary Weight Loss here!