Reclaim your health through functional health coaching.


Don’t settle for feeling “fine,” when you deserve to feel great for good.


Your doctor may insist that feeling exhausted, moody, and bloated is “normal for your age.” They may dismiss your symptoms as being “all in your head.” Or perhaps they’re unable to explain them at all.

You may have tried a dozen suggestions and prescriptions to get rid of your digestive issues, only to have them flare up again at the worst time.

You may have struggled for years to lose weight without success — or lost a few pounds only to gain it all back (and more!).

It’s frustrating to know intuitively that something is not quite right in your body, while your doctor keeps telling you that your test results say you are fine.

I work with women, men, teens, and children who want to stop struggling and start healing. If you or your family have tried to feel heard by healthcare professionals for months or even years without receiving the answers or results that you need, then it’s time for a different approach.

Your body is trying to tell you something. Get fluent in its language, so you can finally understand what it needs.

Imagine understanding not only what your body is telling you, but exactly what to do about it. I can help you uncover and understand the hidden stressors inside of your body that are causing your health issues, and guide you through a customized, holistic, and sustainable health optimization program that will allow you reclaim control of your health, reach your biggest goals, and live your very best life.

If you’ve seen many practitioners, tried all-the-things, and still don’t have the answers you need, this is the innovative approach you have been looking for. I can help you become the happiest and healthiest version of you — and stay that way.

My highly personalized approach involves thorough assessments and functional lab testing to discover the underlying causes behind symptoms and identify unique healing opportunities. When combined with functional health coaching and regular support, you can expect a real path to creating change, through an easy-to-follow blueprint for incredible and lasting transformation! 

Areas of expertise include

- Gut health 

- Weight loss resistance 

- Fatigue 

- Skin issues 

- Hormone balance 

- Unexplained symptoms

- and more

What would a life free of symptoms look like?

Dragonflies begin their lives underwater. Born wingless, they may spend years moving through murky waters, never knowing how bright and energizing the world above them can be. When they transform, they emerge into a new world full of light and joy. 

Finding the answers to your deepest health questions will unlock an entirely new experience of the world, one where you can take part in all that life has to offer with more joy, confidence, and control. Just as the dragonfly eventually emerges from the water and grows its wings, uncovering the secrets of your health will give you the tools you need to soar!


Resources for every stage of self-discovery.

Private Coaching

Ready to feel inspired, empowered and know exactly what your unique body needs? Transform your body, mind, and soul with a highly customized approach. Uncover the real reasons for your health struggles and feel confident in your body, without deprivation. It’s time to get the personalized support and expert guidance you deserve. 

I can help!

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 Group Coaching

Learn what is stopping you from losing weight, the steps to lose it for good and tackle ANY other health issue you are facing. Get the tools to get healthy and stay that way!  This group coaching program offers proven strategies that will help you cultivate the confidence, security, and happiness to overcome your health struggles and create the life YOU want.

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