"If the old me could see the new me, she wouldn't believe it."

My 18 year old daughter was a hot mess. Over the course of a year, her health drastically declined. She went from being her normal happy self to being irritable, depressed, and suicidal. Every single day. She also developed other issues. She was always hungry but felt nauseated thinking about food. When she did eat, she had severe abdominal pain. She couldn't sleep at night and her periods were irregular. When her cycle did start, she was in agony. Nothing stopped or eased her pain. Crying she'd double over in pain and drop to the floor rocking herself, saying horrible, dark things. (This is not my girl!) I would rock her in my arms on the kitchen floor and I'd do my best to soothe her and get her  through the next hour. It was awful. She looked and acted like she was losing her mind. It was very scary and distressing. For her. For me, her sister, my husband. We tried everything we knew, but nothing helped. 
I suspected her condition was physical since we had worked with Katie a few years earlier for my daughter's leaky gut issues. But, we were able to heal her then. She was doing fine two years ago. I wasn't sure if I should call Katie again. Maybe we just needed to get my daughter back on track with her supplements. Maybe it was due to a crappy, stressful job she worked too hard at, or a lousy friend who was manipulating her. Maybe it's because she stopped eating right and taking care of herself? 
I ran through all the possibilities trying to figure out where to start. Is she experiencing PCOS and needs a gynecologist? I wondered about the extreme changes in her mental state, and considered a psychotherapist. I didn't consider a general practitioner because they never listen or help. I wasn't sure where to start.
Then I remembered something Katie always said, 'Test, don't guess.' So I called her. Long story short, we ran some tests and discovered my girl had a major Candida overgrowth. In case you don't know, that stuff is neurotoxic. It was what was causing her aggitaion and suicidal ideation, not to mention her insomnia, and hormone imbalances. Katie directed us to start a Candida diet to starve the harmful gut bacteria of its food source--sugar. The effects were immediate! The first five days were hell, I'm not gonna lie. She was detoxing from sugar, and the candida was dying off. But at the end of those five day, ALL of her symptoms were gone! ALL of them. It was friggin' amazing. Jaw-dropping amazing. My whole family was stunned at the transformation. 
We are continuing with a candida diet which benefits the whole family. And my daughter continues to work with Katie to detoxify from mycotoxins and heavy metals that were also found in her body by testing. I'm confident that she will continue to thrive under Katie's guidance. So, yeah! Heck yeah!! I highly recommend you schedule an appointment with her. 
In my daughter's words, "If the old me could see the new me, she wouldn't believe it."

"Now I sleep great and wake up rested and happy! Plus, no more hives! "


Before I met Kate I was struggling with hives, mood swings, and severe hot flashes. After seeing 3 doctors who were unable to help, I knew I needed a different solution. 

After working with Kate, my hot flashes which were keeping me up at night and disrupting my sleep were gone in a short amount of time. Now I sleep great and wake up rested and happy! Plus, no more hives! 

I feel so great; I even stopped caffeine but have more energy than ever. If you're having issues that you can't find a reason for, I highly recommend working with Kate. She will test for things doctors never would and figure out what's going on. You deserve to work with someone who truly cares!

"Today, I work and play with little fear of a migraine returning"


Kate is such a gift. For seven months, I lived with persistent and debilitating migraines. It weighed on my psyche. I sought help from a number of traditional medical professionals and an acupuncturist, but the medications and procedures resulted in minimal to no relief. 

A friend suggested I contact Kate to talk with her about my migraines. Kate's program had revealed her food sensitivities and she was confident in Kate's abilities. I owe her a debt of gratitude for the referral. 

From the initial distraught call for help to today's check-ins, Kate is always patient and kind. Her confidence in locating a root cause to your health challenges puts you at ease. Her years of experience and depth of knowledge are exceptional. 

Today, I work and play with little fear of a migraine returning. I no longer carry around the "in case of emergency" bag of migraine medications. Maintaining my health is a priority now and I thank Kate for the tools she gave me to stay pain-free. dures resulted in minimal to no relief. 

"I lost 10 pounds & reduced food sensitivity symptoms significantly."


 I came to Kate after struggling with food sensitivities & almost daily itching caused by food. I tried for years to figure it out on my own & realized I needed advice to find answers. With Kate's help, we cleaned out my gut which helped me lose weight & along the way discovered the sensitivities that were causing me real issues for many years. I lost 10 pounds & reduced food sensitivity symptoms significantly. 

Working with Kate, I realized testing is the best way to get the necessary research on your body. To truly change your life you have to get to the root of whatever is causing issues & conventional doctors stop short at this by medicating first. "

"I've now been off of antibiotics & medications for 7 months & every day my skin is better than the last."


 I've struggled with Rosacea since the age of 25. As the condition progressed, I began seeing dermatologists who prescribed various types of topical medication, which I wasn't happy about as I like to take a holistic approach to most things in my life. I was told there was nothing more to be done. Eventually, around the age of 40, the condition worsened to the point where I was taking a strong dose of antibiotics every day. I was beyond frustrated, especially since I was doing everything I was told (& could find online) to try & improve the situation. I was determined that there was something missing & I just had to find the right place to look for the answers. On my visit to a new dermatologist, I explained my frustrations & asked what more could be done without medication. She gave me Kate's name & told me I'd probably find what I was looking for. She was right. 

I began talking with Kate in 2020. Over the course of the 2 years, she's taught me so much & helped me find what was lacking/off balance in my body. Initially, I was skeptical but gave it a shot. I've now been off of antibiotics & medications for 7 months & every day my skin is better than the last. Most importantly, I have a better understanding of what's going on in my body & how it affects my skin. Kate is an invaluable source of info-l highly recommend her to anyone who is struggling with health issues & wants to take a more natural approach to solving their problems!

"I feel great, sleep better and have dropped over 35 pounds! "

I’ve had digestive problems my entire life and have been on a prescription for heartburn/reflux since I was 12.  Yet, I was experiencing an excessive increase in heartburn, headaches, weight gain, overall stomach issues and sleep problems. My doctor advised doubling my heartburn meds. I didn’t feel like that was the best solution, so I began investigating alternative options. I started with a food sensitivity test on my own that came up with shocking results. After trying to eliminate the sensitivities from my diet on my own, I still wasn’t feeling better. A friend recommended Kate.

After working with Kate, and being seven months into my journey I feel 20 years younger. I am sleeping 7 to 8 hours on most nights and no longer wake up in the middle of the night. I have also dropped over 35 pounds. I feel great and I haven’t needed any heartburn medication. 

It’s very difficult to navigate a big lifestyle change so having a coach behind you is worth it! 

"Now I can eat without experiencing pain."


For nine years I was experiencing stomach pains all day, every day. Some days it was so bad all I could do was lie in bed. On a scale from one to ten, it would never go below a five. I tried everything I could to get better but nothing ever worked. Numerous gastroenterologists, pain management, acupuncture, CBD, herbal supplements, and even hypnosis. I grew frustrated and felt like I would never get better. 

Now there are times when I don't feel any pain at all. I also developed depression in large part due to the pain. Years of therapy combined with the treatment from Katie have caused my depression to go into remission. Now I can eat without experiencing pain. I haven't had to lie in bed due to the pain in months. I used to miss school because of my pain multiple times a month. Katie was able to find out that all this time I had leaky gut. Working with Katie has really changed my life! 

Working with Kate was the best decision I've ever made, so if you're on the fence give it a shot. You have nothing to lose and so much to gain.