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Over the last three or four months I’ve received an influx of referrals (thank you!) to kids of varying ages from about 10 years old to 17 years old, with chronic headaches, irregular and painful periods, digestive problems, anxiety and mood swings, and other issues, so this has been on my mind recently and I wanted to make sure that you (and your friends) know…

YES – I can help kids too.

As a mother of three, I know how difficult it is to be in a situation when your child/teenager is having trouble sleeping, isn’t feeling well, dealing with acne that won’t stop, or they are suffering with debilitating anxiety.

And you so badly want to help, but don’t know how.

So, you might do like I did many years ago, and see the pediatrician or a few specialists to try and get some answers. But instead of answers, you end up with a prescription that you really don’t want to give them, because of the side effects. Or worse, you have exhausted yourself running from appointment to appointment and still… no answers.

How can I help? Here's a quick rundown of FAQ I often receive.

1. Recently you’ve had an influx of referrals for children between the ages of 10-17 years. Is functional medicine safe for kids?

Yes! The functional medicine approach to wellness is equally safe and incredibly effective for all ages. A functional medicine approach is a whole-person strategy that addresses the underlying or “hidden” factors that are influencing health and well-being. Rather than just treating symptoms of health problems, we look to identify the hidden stressors, root causes and eliminate them, while focusing on healing opportunities to create sustainable well-being.

2. Is there a certain age you work with?

I work with kids over the age of 5.

3. What health problems can you help kids with when it comes to functional medicine?

Some of the health issues I focus on in my practice are:
-Stomach/digestive issues
-Food sensitivities
-Irregular menstrual cycles
-Mood swings
-Acne and other skin challenges
-Sleep troubles

4. Is the way you work with children the same as the way you work with adults?

When it comes to functional medicine, children are treated differently than adults. Options may include functional lab assessments, gut-healing protocols, child-safe supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies. Most often we are primarily focused on diet and lifestyle changes. Being a mother of three teenagers, I do find that my interaction with the kids I work with is always very smooth. Yes, their parents are involved every step of the way… but the kids develop a rapport with me as well, and feel comfortable talking with me about working through their challenges as a team.

5. What kind of hidden stressors do children face vs. adults?

Depending on their age, kids can be bombarded with just as many, if not more, hidden stressors as adults. From social media to bullying, academic challenges and competitive sports… kids are faced with many external stressors that can be tough to cope with. In addition, kids are exposed to a tremendous barrage of chemicals early on in life through water, air, food, medication, and vaccines. All of this can lead to a stress cascade that can cause the body to break down, as well as an overwhelmed immune system.

6. What are some things parents can do to reduce internal stressors for kids?

This is the same advice I give the adult clients I work with. Eat real, organic, fresh food. Mostly vegetables and fruits, healthy fats and clean animal protein. Drink lots of pure, filtered water. Get adequate sleep and daily movement.


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